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York Infant &
Early Years Centre

at Bukit Panjang!

York Infant & 
Early Years Centre

Since opening in 2016 we have established ourselves as an outstanding provider of early years education in Singapore. Our play-led inquiry-based infant care and preschools are designed in accordance with aspects of the gifted education system. Our small centres provide a nurturing and stimulating program for children aged 2 months to 3 years. Where teachers develop strong relationships with the children and their families, our classroom activities are designed to extend children’s natural curiosity and actively engage them in the inquiry process.

About Us

Our corner lot within the Cashew Park Condominium provides dedicated learning corners (catered to the early years), a premium early years curriculum (aimed at confidence building and paving the way for future academic excellence), a dedicated outdoor learning area, as well as loving, experienced and nurturing early years educators on par with our other exclusive centres in River Valley and East Coast.


Our curriculum encompasses a kaleidoscope of discovery, where curiosity is encouraged, collaboration is nurtured and a love for learning is built.

Our centres are designed to be bright and cheerful for lots of exciting learning adventures!

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Mission Statement

We believe passionately in these principles:

  • That a safe and caring environment enables children to thrive both emotionally and academically

  • That education is a lifelong journey fuelled by curiousity, joy and tenacity

  • That kindness and respect should be embedded in all we do

  • That each child is an individual and that individuality should be celebrated

York Infant and Early Years Centre - Bukit Panjang

We therefore thrive to do the following:

  • To place the safety and well being of your child at the core of all we do

  • To know your child well as an individual to cater to his or her particular needs

  • To inspire your child to learn and develop happily and confidently

  • To develop strong partnerships with parents, families and the community

Our Bambinos & Wobblers

Our infant bambinos (2 months to 12 months) occupy three spacious rooms, each of which offers a full trained infant educarer to child ratio of 1:3. Each room is overseen by a senior infant educarer who has a strong background in infant health, growth and care.


Our small group sizes help to ensure that each child’s needs are met. Each child has a designated educarer with whom they firm bonds of attachment, ensuring they feel safe, happy and secure in the infant care environment.

Our Stages
York Infant and Early Years Centre - Bukit Panjang

Each child will have a “key person” a trained infant educarer who will attend to and observe each child in order to ascertain their particular interests and stages of development and thereafter provide play opportunities through activities that are spontaneous, focused, comforting and challenging. Your child’s development and progress is closely monitored on a daily basis and great emphasis is placed on fulfilling their individual needs.

Our wobblers class 12 months to 17 months children find joy and excitement in unravelling the mysteries of the world around them. Using sensory play explorations our toddlers, play, create, investigate and have a FABULOUS TIME!

Sensory play is important as it provides sensory stimulation and it is essential

for their brain development. It can strengthen sensory-related synapses and functions.

Our Fees
Our Fees

Most of all and best of all our fees are affordable:

3 months to 18 months

  • Full days $1900 (before ECDA subsidy and additional subsidy)

  • Half Days $1500(Before ECDA subsidy and additional subsidy)

Registration Fees

$250 - Includes uniforms, cot sheets & miscellaneous fees.

WhatsApp us at: 98193093 for to get our promotional rates

York Infant and Early Years Centre - Bukit Panjang
To register or indicate your interest, please call/Whatsapp us, or fill up our form

We look forward to welcoming you to

your child's second home! 

York Infant and Early Years Centre - Bukit Panjang
What Our Parents Say 

"Love the new learnings and thought process. It's the experience at this age that matters. They enjoy the learning. I'm so thankful."

Mrs Mirsha

(York Nursery & Playschool)

Locate Us

Landmarks located in the neighbourhood:

Bird's Eye View of Cashew Park Condominium

Located within the Cashew Park Condominium in the Bukit Panjang estate area, our corner lot is in an ideal location for busy parents. For added convenience we have a covered walkway within the condominium and on site parking for parents.

Cashew MRT station is just a few minutes away, making our centre easily accessible for parents taking public transport.

Cashew MRT
Contact Us
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We are open Mon to Fri 7am to 7pm

Saturdays 7am to 2pm

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