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York Infant & Early Years

Bambinos & Wobblers

Our infant bambinos (2 months to 12 months) occupy three spacious rooms, each of which offers a full trained infant educarer to child ratio of 1:3. Each room is overseen by a senior infant educarer who has a strong background in infant health, growth and care.


Our small group sizes help to ensure that each child’s needs are met. Each child has a designated educarer with whom they firm bonds of attachment, ensuring they feel safe, happy and secure in the infant care environment.


Each child will have a “key person” a trained infant educarer who will attend to and observe each child in order to ascertain their particular interests and stages of development and thereafter provide play opportunities through activities that are spontaneous, focused, comforting and challenging. Your child’s development and progress is closely monitored on a daily basis and great emphasis is placed on fulfilling their individual needs.

Our wobblers class 12 months to 17 months children find joy and excitement in unravelling the mysteries of the world around them. Using sensory play explorations our toddlers, play, create, investigate and have a FABULOUS TIME!

Sensory play is important as it provides sensory stimulation and it is essential

for their brain development. It can strengthen sensory-related synapses and functions.

York Infant and Early Years - Bambinos & Wobblers
York Infant and Early Years - Bambinos & Wobblers
York Infant and Early Years - Bambinos & Wobblers
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